Founded in the same spirit as Spirit Yoga, Spirit Barre is PB’s community barre studio, offering comfortable, beach vibes, and a place to connect with your barre community.


Our Story

Our Story

a mission of building community

On March 1st, 2020, Dana & Torrey Short purchased Spirit Yoga, excited to be a part of a quality community yoga studio in Pacific Beach.  Just 16 days later, the world came to a screeching halt as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world.  After a challenging first year navigating ever-changing regulations, the world began to return to normalcy.  Unfortunately, many small businesses were unable to survive the terrible strain and the barre studio next door to Spirit Yoga was among those to close.  As Dana had taught for years at that very barre studio, known as BarreBody, both the practice of barre and the studio location were near to her heart.  The crazy idea of expanding Spirit to offer barre & pilates at the adjacent studio was born.  Dana & Torrey worked fervently, with the help of family and friends to bring new life to the studio.


Read more about the Shorts experience with opening a business in the midst of a national pandemic.

a beach vibe that welcomes everyone

Spirit Barre was born in the same vein as Spirit Yoga, with a mission of building community. The environment is welcoming and inclusive, opening barre to everyone, whether a new student or advanced practitioner. Spirit Barre looks to add new options to the current Spirit community, bringing both barre & pilates classes and instruction into the mix to provide variety for both body & mind.


While Spirit Yoga has an earthy vibe, full of rich, warm colors, Spirit Barre looks to the colors of water and sky to bring a cool, beachy vibe to the studio. Students are invited to leave any worries behind as they enter our space and allow our classes to challenge them, both physically & mentally, to refresh their spirit.

The Responsible Barre Studio

It is Spirit’s commitment to pay our teachers more while keeping classes affordable. We have an amazing mix of instructors, each with their own unique style, reflecting the variety of students in our community.  The common thread in our instructors is their complete dedication to providing students with challenging and inspiring classes.  We will always work to reward our instructors with a living wage while rewarding our loyal students with a fair price that reflects our quality.


The Spirit community is one beyond compare. If you are looking for a place where you will be accepted, meet friendly faces at every class, and feel supported and appreciated, you’ve found your home studio. Thank you for your love and support. We are grateful every day. If you want to become part of a great community, Click Here to get started.