Founded in the same spirit as Spirit Yoga, Spirit Barre is PB’s community barre studio, offering comfortable, beach vibes, and a place to connect with your barre community.


Spirit Barre Teacher Training


50 hour certification

Spirit Barre’s Teacher Training Program is designed to give trainees the knowledge required to construct a safe, full-body, effective barre workout and to give them the confidence to teach barre classes with appropriate cueing, modifications, and operational acuity.


While there will be ample classroom instruction and workshopping, participants of this training are expected to spend a sufficient amount of time in independent study to use the formatting skeleton to construct their own barre class, which will be delivered to Spirit’s leadership team to ultimately achieve Spirit Barre Teacher Training Certification.


Spirit Barre’s Teacher Training Program provides 45-50 hours of in-studio instruction with weekly office hours, class practice and feedback and creative sequencing.


Following certification, participants are able to teach and, if opportunities are available, may be offered a teaching position at Spirit Barre Studios.

Spirit Barre’s Teacher Training Program includes the following benefits:


☑️45-50 Hours of In-Studio Instruction

☑️Spirit Barre Teacher Training Manual

☑️30 Class Pack for use at Spirit Barre OR Spirit Yoga (*expires 6 months following the start of Spirit Barre Teacher Training)

☑️15% Retail Discount (*expiration date same as 30 Class Pack expiration)

☑️6 Free Guest Passes during use of 30 Class Pack

☑️Certificate of Completion following graduation from SBTT Program

Meet Lead Trainer Dana Short

Dana’s two strongest interests have always been fitness and animals. After graduating from Boston University and working in the corporate world, Dana discovered yoga and was an instructor for years before getting her masters degree from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. She moved to beautiful San Diego in 2004 and has worked for almost 2 decades in animal sheltering & welfare, zoology, and veterinary medicine. After attending barre as a student for about 5 years, Dana took the opportunity to train to become an instructor and has been enjoying teaching fun and invigorating classes since 2017. In 2020, Dana and her husband Torrey purchased Spirit Yoga, and then in 2021 created Spirit Barre. When not at yoga class, at the barre or managing a veterinary hospital, Dana likes to run, strength train, and walk her beloved dog (and Spirit’s official mascot) Armani.
Follow her on instagram: @gsleader4252