Founded in the same spirit as Spirit Yoga, Spirit Barre is PB’s community barre studio, offering comfortable, beach vibes, and a place to connect with your barre community.


Spirit Barre Classes

Spirit Barre

Enjoy a full body workout based on fundamental principles of the ballet barre.  Deep muscle movements fatigue muscles, toning every part of the body.  Equipment includes weights, resistance bands, gliding disks and pilates balls.

(60 minutes)

Spirit Barre Bootcamp

Enjoy a full-body workout utilizing ballet barre principles.  Cardio elements are added to the class, along with weight challenges.

(60 minutes)

Spirit Barre Mat Pilates

Enjoy a traditional mat pilates sequence, focused on strengthening the core, and incorporating tools such as pilates balls, yoga blocks & straps, gliding disks, weights, and resistance bands.

(60 minutes)

Spirit Sculpt

This 45 min class will provide a beautiful awareness of the body strength, and complement one’s life, including their yoga practice. This class stimulates the mind to focus on strength building moves and transitions that ignite the cardiovascular system and burn calories like no other from the ground up. With the use of hand weights (provided) and ankle weights (optional – ankle weights not provided; please bring your own if desired) you will strengthen your entire body throughout class. The music will be upbeat, the flow will be continuous, and smiles and sweat will be the outcome, along with a healthy feeling of connection to self and community. Join us!